Unable to view the “Namespaces” Pool and Supervisor Cluster Nodes after enabling the Workload Management feature on vSphere7

Recently I came across one of the interesting issues related to role based access control for Workload Management function on vSphere7 environment. The issue I faced was related to Namespaces resource pool, I wasn’t really able to view that using my own username even though I had administrative level permission.

In order to fix the issue, I followed the below steps :

– Login to vCenter UI using administrator@vsphere.local

– Click on the Menu -> Administration option

– Click on “Users and Groups” -> Groups

– Select “Administrator” Group and click on the Edit option

– Select the Domain from the dropdown and then search for username

– Click on Save 

After completing the above steps, logout and login back with the user you just fixed. You should be able to see the “Namespaces” resource pool.


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