Creating a Custom VM Class after enabling Workload Management on vSphere 7

In this blog post, I would like to help you with the required steps for creating a custom VM class after enabling the workload management feature on vSphere 7. But, before I get into the detailed steps, let’s understand a bit of background.

What is a VM Class and why should I create one?

VM Class defines the resource that would be needed by VM when created. VM Service is the new feature that was introduced by VMware sometime back this year and part of that feature, we can create VM Classes.

By default, there are few classes available out of the box as you can see in the below screenshot.

But these classes have pre-defined CPU and Memory, though this can be edited as per your need too.

Since we already have several VM Classes pre-created, why should I need an additional one?

Well, there can be different use cases e.g. you are trying to deploy a TKGS cluster using different size, then it’s better to create a new VM Class as per your specifications. 

There are two type of VM Classes

– Best Effort : Resources are not reserved for you

– Guaranteed : Resources are reserved for you

We will create both types of VM Classes and it’s pretty straightforward to do that.

Creating a VM Class

– Login to vCenter UI

– Click on Menu -> Workload Management

– Click on the Services tab

– Click on the Manage option under VM Service and you will see a summary page

– Click on the VM Classes tab

– Now, you can see an option to create a new VM Class, Click on it

– You will see a popup for filling out the details:

Name: Name of the VM Class

vCPU count: Number of vCPU you want to assign for this VM Class

CPU Resource Reservation : Out of the assigned vCPU count, how many % you want to reserve. If you go with 100%, this becomes a guaranteed type VM Class

Memory: Number of MB/GB/TB memory for this VM Class

Memory Resource Reservation: Same as CPU but this is for memory.

– Fill the details as per your VM Class need and Click on the Create

– View the newly created VM Class

As you can see above, our newly created VM Class is assigned with 100% resource reservation and currently not assigned to any Namespace and no VM is created using this yet.

Similarly, If you do not want to reserve the resource, leave that field blank while creating the VM Class.

Also, you can edit the VM Class after it is created, Click on Manage and Edit option.


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