Learning Cloud & Modern Apps Platforms

Support for your Internship & Academic Projects

You can get an advise in choosing a better technology for your academic projects and internship here. Reach out to me.

Academic Project

Based on my experience, most of the time an academic projects are just a dummy book without any knowledge of what’s in there. This is not good and I can help you in developing a project using latest technologies with hands-on experience.

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Most of the time and internship is just taking a dummy certificate without doing an actual work. I can support you here as well.

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VMware Tanzu Learning Videos

TAP GUI Walkthrough
TAP – Application Live Update
Tanzu Overview
Tanzu Package Deployment
Application Transformer

More Learning Topics..


Learn Kubernetes with me. You will learn by doing it and get better clarity.

VMware Tanzu

VMware Tanzu portfolio have set of products to help clients in their application modernization journey.

App Modernization

Modernize heritage applications quickly and gain business benefits.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud become the standard for many orgnizations to consume the IaaS layer and host the applications. At the moment AWS, Azure and GCP are the top three cloud platforms.


DevSecOps add security in DevOps pipeline, this helps to bring in orgnizations security during development phase itself.

About Me

Eager to learn new technologies and willing to help others to learn with me.

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