TAP Part 5 – Setup Tanzu Extension for Visual Studio Code and Configure Tilt

Once the first version of application is up and running, then we start thinking of bringing up changes. In this blog post, I will talk about two key component that helps in iterating over a deployed application quickly.


Tilt is an opensource project that aims to provide a productive software development environment for anyone whose deployment target is Kubernetes. It uses a “Tiltfile” that ensures the desired state configuration is in place. You can refer the below doc to know more about Tilt.

Blog Site: https://www.giantswarm.io/blog/developing-for-kubernetes-with-tilt-giant-swarm

Tilt Official doc: https://tilt.dev/

You need to install Tilt on a developer workstation along with Visual Studio Code. Based on your workstation operating system, follow the steps mentioned in below document for Tilt installation.

Tilt Installation Document: https://docs.tilt.dev/install.html

Tanzu Extension for Visual Studio Code

Tanzu Extensions for VSCode helps developers for testing the live changes and debugging an application. Let’s look at the installation procedure.


  • You need to have VSCode running
  • Tanzu CLI and plugins (This will be needed during application live update)

Install Tanzu Extension

– Download the Tanzu Extension from Tanzu Network, You can find the link here, https://network.tanzu.vmware.com/products/tanzu-developer-tools-for-vscode/

– If you have pivnet configured, run the below command for downloading Tanzu Extension

$ pivnet download-product-files --product-slug='tanzu-developer-tools-for-vscode' --release-version='0.2.0' --product-file-id=1055315
2021/12/29 18:12:33 Downloading 'tanzu-vscode-extension.vsix' to 'tanzu-vscode-extension.vsix'
 815.47 KiB / 815.47 KiB [==========================================] 100.00% 0s
2021/12/29 18:12:37 Verifying SHA256
2021/12/29 18:12:37 Successfully verified SHA256

– You will notice that the file named “tanzu-vscode-extension.vsix” is downloaded.

– Open the VSCode on your system

– Click on Extensions , then click on … and select Install from VSIX option

– You will get a message to reload the VSCode. Click on Reload Now.

– You are done with the extension install.

Configure Tanzu Extension

There are couple of parameters that you can configure after installing Tanzu Extension. e.g. Project and Image.

– Click on the Preferences -> Settings

– Look for Extensions and then Tanzu

– As shown in the above screenshot, you can configure a Local Path for the project and specify the source image.

That’s all for this post, We have looked at how to setup Tanzu Extension for VSCode and installed Tilt. In the next part, I will talk about application changes and live updates.


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