Exploring Virtual Machine based Application Feature in a VMware Application Catalog

Recently, VMware renamed Tanzu Application Catalog to VMware Application Catalog and now added a new feature that provides software/application based on Virtual Machines. With this, Client will get an OVA file that includes the requested softwares and applications. 

Now on the VMware Application Catalog (VAC) portal, you will see a new option as “Virtual Machine”.

Currently, Debian 10 based VM images are supported as standard and same you can see on the portal too.

Now, let’s request for a new application that will run on a VM.

– Login to VAC portal using your credentials

– Click on the Applications option

– Click on the Add New Applications

– Now, You have two options

– Select Virtual Machines

– Since there is only one image supported as of now, it is supported by default.

– Click on Next

– Select applications based on what you are looking for. In this example, I have selected Jenkins.

– Click on Next

– Click on Next

– Enter the name and description, Click on Next

– Click on Submit. It will submit the request to create the image for you behind the scene and make it available for you to download.

So, that’s how you can request a new application based on a VM image. For more detail, refer to the VMware documentation below.



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