What’s New in TKG 1.3

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.3 is out around a month back, I tried to read the documentation and find out what’s new in this release.

TKG 1.3 New/Updated Features Summary

  • TKG CLI is replaced with Tanzu CLI
  • Supported K8S versions –
    1: 1.20.4
    2: 1.19.8
    3: 1.18.16
    4: 1.17.16
  • Support for Ubuntu node OS (20.04) image on all infra as default. In addition to that, Photon OS on vSphere and Amazon Linux on Amazon EC2
  • NSX Advance Load Balancer
  • OIDC and LDAP identity management with Pinniped
  • Disaster recovery of workload clusters with Velero
  • Metrics Server pre-installed on management and workload clusters
  • Registering TKG clusters on TMC using Installer UI and CLI
  • Kapp-controller preinstalled on management and workload clusters
  • Manage Kubernetes version in clusters using new CRD, Tanzu Kubernetes Releases (TKRs).

Products and Version Support Matrix

Source -> VMware TKG Documentation

That’s all in this post, i will share installation experience and issues in upcoming blogs.


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