Deploying Tanzu Community Edition using Docker Extensions

What is Docker Extensions?

Docker Extensions lets you use third-party tools within Docker Desktop to extend its functionality. There is no limit to the number of extensions you can install.

Docker Extensions is available as part of Docker Desktop 4.8.0 or a later release. Download and install Docker Desktop 4.8.0 or later:

On Mac, you can validate Docker Desktop Version by Clicking on Preference -> Software Updates.

Deploying TCE using Docker Extension

  • Open Docker Desktop.
  • From the Dashboard, select Add Extensions in the menu bar. The Extensions Marketplace opens.
  • Browse the available extensions and look for VMware Tanzu Community Edition as highlighted above.
  • Click Install and you will notice that it starts installing TCE.
  • Once successful, Click Open.
  • Click Create Cluster
  • Monitor the Cluster creation
  • After few mins, Cluster creation will be completed.

Here is the detailed log:

📁 Created cluster directory
🧲 Resolving and checking Tanzu Kubernetes release (TKr) compatibility file

   Downloaded to: /home/tanzu/.config/tanzu/tkg/unmanaged/compatibility/projects.registry.vmware.com_tce_compatibility_v8             
🔧 Resolving TKr

   Downloaded to: /home/tanzu/.config/tanzu/tkg/unmanaged/bom/projects.registry.vmware.com_tce_tkr_v1.22.7-2             
   Rendered Config: /home/tanzu/.config/tanzu/tkg/unmanaged/tanzu-community-edition/config.yaml
   Bootstrap Logs: /home/tanzu/.config/tanzu/tkg/unmanaged/tanzu-community-edition/bootstrap.log
🔧 Processing Tanzu Kubernetes Release
🎨 Selected base image
📦 Selected core package repository
📦 Selected additional package repositories
📦 Selected kapp-controller image bundle
🚀 Creating cluster tanzu-community-edition

   Base image downloaded             

   Cluster created             
   kubectl ${COMMAND} --kubeconfig /home/tanzu/.config/tanzu/tkg/unmanaged/tanzu-community-edition/kube.conf
📧 Installing kapp-controller

   kapp-controller status: Running             
📧 Installing package repositories

   tkg-core-repository package repo status: Reconcile succeeded             
🌐 Installing CNI
✅ Cluster created
🎮 kubectl context set to tanzu-community-edition

View available packages:
   tanzu package available list
View running pods:
   kubectl get po -A
Delete this cluster:
   tanzu unmanaged delete tanzu-community-edition
  • Once the cluster is provisioned, `~/.kube/config` file content is updated automatically to access the cluster. You can also see that the context is updated accordingly.
❯ kubectx | grep -i tanzu

Access the TCE Cluster and Validate Resources

  • Get the list of nodes
$ k get nodes
NAME                                    STATUS   ROLES                  AGE     VERSION
tanzu-community-edition-control-plane   Ready    control-plane,master   4m59s   v1.22.7

Deploying NGINX pod in a TCE cluster

❯ k run nginx --image nginx
pod/nginx created

❯ k get po --kubeconfig config.yaml
nginx   1/1     Running   0          2m25s

To know more about Docker Extensions, refer the below url

To know more about Tanzu Community Edition, refer the below url


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  1. The kubeconfig is added to .kube/config automatically, so you don’t need to copy to a file and specify it in the kubectl cli.

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