Profiles in Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) v1.1

VMware released Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) v1.1 few weeks back and there are many new features in it. One of the important feature is additional profiles. If you have looked at TAP 1.0, there was mainly two profiles i.e. full and light but in this release, light profile is going away and four more profile is introduced.

Following are the NEW profiles in TAP 1.1:

  • Iterate
  • Run
  • Build
  • View

TAP 1.1 High Level Arch Overview

TAP 1.1 Profiles

Tanzu Application Platform v1.1 contains the following five profiles. You can understand the different component involved in each profiles

Capability NameFullIterateBuildRunView
API Portal
Application Accelerator
Application Live View (Build)
Application Live View (Run)
Application Live View (GUI)
Cloud Native Runtimes
Convention Controller
Default Roles
Developer Conventions
Flux Source Controller
Image Policy Webhook
Learning Center
Out of the Box Delivery – Basic
Out of the Box Supply Chain – Basic
Out of the Box Supply Chain – Testing
Out of the Box Supply Chain – Testing and Scanning
Out of the Box Templates
Service Bindings
Services Toolkit
Source Controller
Spring Boot Convention
Supply Chain Choreographer
Supply Chain Security Tools – Scan
Supply Chain Security Tools – Store
Tanzu Build Service
Tanzu Application Platform GUI
Tekton Pipelines

If you would like to install TAP 1.1 on a multicluster environment, Here is the blog post that you can refer to.


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