Installing TAP using TMC Catalog on an EKS Cluster

Are you looking for Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) installation using a graphical and simple method? then this blog post is for you:) .. In this blog post, you will learn to setup TAP 1.0.1 on an EKS cluster using TMC catalog.


  • EKS cluster is created and you have administrative permissions
  • TMC access
  • Tanzu Network access
  • EKS Cluster is attached to TMC

TAP Installation

  • Login to TMC UI
  • Click Clusters , then select the cluster
  • Click on the Namespaces tab and click Create Namespace
  • Click Create. Now, you have tap-install namespace created.
    Note: Namespace name can be anything that you like. I have chosen tap-install as example.
  • Next step is to create a secret for Tanzu Network registry. Click on Secrets tab under the selected cluster.
  • Click Create Secret
  • Click Create
  • Click Next
  • Click on the button to export secret to all namespace.
  • Click Finish
  • Once secret is created, you will see see all status as green.
  • Next step is to add TAP registry. Click on Add-ons under the cluster. Click Repositories option.
  • Click Add Package Repository and enter the details.
  • Click Add Repository to add the TAP repository.
  • Click on Installed Option under Add-ons and Click Browse Package
  • Scroll down and you will see the TAP package available for installation. You will see many other packages as well.
  • Click on the package. Note: I am using few screenshots that refer different cluster but the process is same and you can ignore the name.
  • Click Install Package. Enter the package name and select the version.
  • Click Next. You can leave all option as default but in my case, I selected the tap-install namespace where you want tap to be installed.
  • Click Next and fill the parameters detail. In my case, I am using full profile for TAP installation. Here is reference yaml file.
profile: full
ceip_policy_disclosed: true # Installation fails if this is set to 'false'
  kp_default_repository: ""
  kp_default_repository_username: ""
  kp_default_repository_password: ""
  tanzunet_username: ""
  tanzunet_password: ""
  descriptor_name: "tap-1.0.0-full"
  enable_automatic_dependency_updates: true
supply_chain: testing_scanning
    server: ""
    repository: "build-service"
    ssh_secret: ""

  ingressDomain: ""
  domain_name: ""
  service_type: ClusterIP
  ingressEnabled: "true"
  ingressDomain: ""
        - type: url

  app_service_type: LoadBalancer # (optional) Defaults to LoadBalancer. Change to NodePort for distributions that don't support LoadBalancer

  namespace: "default" # (optional) Defaults to default namespace.
  targetImagePullSecret: "registry-credentials"
  infrastructure_provider: aws
        LBType: nlb

Note: Refer below URL for parameter detail and complete the yaml for your use.

  • Click Install Package and watch the progress.
  • Once installed, you will see the package installation status as green.
  • ~10-15 mins it took in my case to complete the package installation, It make take more or less time depends on your environment and network. So keep watching the progress.

For more detail about installation, refer the doc below.


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