What’s New in TKG v1.5 – a quick view

VMware release TKG v1.5.0 and v1.5.1 together with multiple enhancements and I found them very useful. The recommend version to use for deployment is v1.5.1 and I would like to summarize the key changes here for you to have handy.

  • We can install Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) v1.0.1 on workload clusters created by Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, use TAP to deploy apps to those clusters, and manage the TAP-deployed applications with tanzu apps commands.
  • You can create workload clusters with Windows OS worker nodes on a vSphere environment.
  • Different workload clusters can run different versions of the same user-managed package, including the latest version and the versions of the package in your two previous installations of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.
  • TKG Clusters on vSphere that have NSX Advanced Load Balancer (ALB) as their control plane API endpoint server can use an external identity provider for login authentication, via Pinniped.
  • TKG Clusters on vSphere supports Antrea NodePortLocal mode. To know more about NodePortLocal refer the document here https://antrea.io/docs/main/docs/node-port-local/
  • TKG on Azure supports NVIDIA GPU machine types based on Azure NC-, NV-, and NVv3-series VMs for control plane and worker VMs. See GPU-Enabled Clusters in the Cluster API Provider Azure documentation.
  • Multiple enhancements in Tanzu CLI
  • The version numbering scheme for Tanzu Framework changed when the project became open-source. Previously, Tanzu Framework version numbers matched the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid versions that included them. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.5.1 uses Tanzu Framework v0.11.1. Basically this is the Tanzu CLI version.

Supported Kubernetes Versions in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.5

Product Snapshot for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.5

Source -> VMware Tanzu Documentation

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.5 Official Documentation

Full Release note: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Tanzu-Kubernetes-Grid/1.5/rn/vmware-tanzu-kubernetes-grid-15-release-notes/index.html

TKG v1.5 Product Documentation: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Tanzu-Kubernetes-Grid/1.5/vmware-tanzu-kubernetes-grid-15/GUID-index.html


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