What’s new in Tanzu Mission Control (TMC)?

New Features and Improvements

I was reading the latest TMC documentation and found couple of new feature introduced very recently seems very useful. I would like to share those with you.

TMC Subscription and usage tracking

Curious how much time is left on your subscription, which tier you purchased, or how much Tanzu Mission Control you’re consuming? Now you can keep track of all this and more on the Subscription tab of the Administration page. 
To report usage, Tanzu Mission Control collects Kubernetes CPU information and approximates 2 Kubernetes CPUs = 1 Physical Core. For CPU-based subscriptions in vSphere environments, you can have up to 32 cores per CPU.

I tried to explore this feature by onboarding a TKG cluster running on a vSphere environment. Taken the following screenshot before onboarding a cluster where you can see that the Subscription Utilization is showing blank.

After I onboarded a TKG Cluster, Subscription Utilization data is populated.

I think this feature is very useful to track the TMC usage and take the decisions accordingly.

Added Launchpad to make it easier to get started

If you’re new to Tanzu Mission Control, click on the Launchpad page to get connected to resources that will get you up and running.

I think this will reduce the need to read TMC documentation before using, an organised set of step by step instructions will help anyone to quickly get started with TMC. Following screenshots captures the steps documented in Launchpad section.


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