What’s New in TKG v1.4.1

VMware release TKG v1.4.1 with few enhancements and I found them very useful. I would like to summarize those enhancement’s here for you to have handy.

  • We can now register deployed management cluster in Tanzu Mission Control (TMC). This was not supported on TKG v1.4.0. You can refer TMC document https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Tanzu-Kubernetes-Grid/1.4/vmware-tanzu-kubernetes-grid-14/GUID-mgmt-clusters-register_tmc.html here for pre-requirements.
  • Dex and Pinniped services for identity management deployed as service type LoadBalancer. Previously, they were deployed as ServiceType: NodePort and you had to integrate NSX Advanced Load Balancer with your identity provider manually.
  • Management clusters are created with three worker nodes by default. Previously, the default count was one. I was not sure why there was just one worker node earlier but I was recommending 3 earlier too for production grade deployments.
  • Management clusters can be deployed with more control plane and worker nodes than the dev and prod plans define by default, by setting the CONTROL_PLANE_MACHINE_COUNT and WORKER_MACHINE_COUNT variables.

Note: For TKG clusters deployment, we should use the same documentation as v1.4.

Products and their version included in TKG v1.4.1

Source -> VMware TKG official document

VMware Official Documentation



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