Identify the Installed TBS version

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I have different Kubernetes clusters (TKG and non TKG) and installed Tanzu Build Service (TBS) with different version on few of them. Later, I tried to identify the installed TBS version and really struggled to figure out. In this blog post, I want to help you with simple steps involved in identifying the TBS version.

Steps to identify the TBS version installed on a Kubernetes Cluster

– List the created configmap on build-service namespace

k get cm -n build-service
NAME                    DATA   AGE
build-service-version   1      44d
ca-cert                 1      44d
http-proxy              1      44d
https-proxy             1      44d
kube-root-ca.crt        1      44d
no-proxy                1      44d
setup-ca-certs-image    1      44d
sleeper-image           1      44d
tanzunet-config         2      44d

– In the list above, build-service-version is the one that holds the TBS version information

– Run the below command to see the TBS version

kubectl describe configMap build-service-version -n build-service
Name:         build-service-version
Namespace:    build-service
Annotations: v1;build-service//ConfigMap/build-service-version;v1

Events:  <none>

– Notice the Data section in above output, you can see that the installed TBS version on this cluster is 1.3.0

It is simple enough to know but difficult to find out where is this information stored. Hope, it is helpful for you and will save your time finding the TBS version.


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