Available Profiles in Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)

VMware recently announced the v0.3 beta release of TAP and introduced the new concept of profile. Profile is basically a collection of different packages those are installed in during TAP installation.

In the TAP v0.3 beta release, there are two types of profile:

  • Full (full)
  • Developer Light (dev-light)

As the name suggests, “Full” profile is basically the one having all the packages installed during TAP installation, whereas, Developer profile will have limited number of packages installed.

See the different packages available in both profile:

ComponentFullDeveloper Light
API Portal
Application Accelerator
App Live View
Cloud Native Runtimes
Convention Controller
Out of the Box Supply Chain – Basic
Out of the Box Supply Chain – Testing
Out of the Box Supply Chain – Testing and Scanning
Out of the Box Templates
Developer Conventions
Flux Source Controller
Image Policy Webhook
Learning Center
Services Toolkit
Service Bindings
Source Controller
Spring Boot Convention
Supply Chain Choreographer
Supply Chain Security Tools – Scan
Tanzu Build Service
Tanzu Application Platform GUI
Source -> TAP Documentation

I have wrote different blogs earlier to install older TAP version and in the next blogs, i will write about setting up TAP with different profile.

Here is the reference documentation:



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