tanzu standalone-cluster create command failing with an error

What is an error?

Run below command

$ tanzu standalone-cluster create -i docker dttkgcommunity

Downloading the TKG Bill of Materials (BOM) file from ‘projects.registry.vmware.com/tkg/tkg-bom:v1.4.0-zshippable’

Error: unable to create Tanzu Standalone Cluster client

Cause: unable to ensure prerequisites: unable to ensure tkg BOM file: failed to download default bom files from the registry: failed to download the BOM file from image name ‘projects.registry.vmware.com/tkg/tkg-bom:v1.4.0-zshippable’:Collecting images: Working with projects.registry.vmware.com/tkg/tkg-bom:v1.4.0-zshippable: GET https://projects.registry.vmware.com/v2/tkg/tkg-bom/manifests/v1.4.0-zshippable: NOT_FOUND: artifact tkg/tkg-bom:v1.4.0-zshippable not found

If this is an internet-restricted environment please refer to the documentation to set TKG_CUSTOM_IMAGE_REPOSITORY and related configuration variables in /Users/dinetrip/.config/tanzu/tkg/config.yaml 

Error: exit status 1

✖  exit status 1 

How to fix?

Run below command

$ rm -rv ~/.config/tanzu/tkg/compat*

Try running the cluster create command again and it should work.

Solution Reference


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