Whats new in Tanzu Build Services (TBS) 1.3?

What is TBS?

Tanzu Build Service uses the open-source Cloud Native Buildpacks project to turn application source code into container images. Build Service executes reproducible builds that align with modern container standards, and additionally keeps image resources up-to-date. It does so by leveraging Kubernetes infrastructure with kpack, a Cloud Native Buildpacks Platform, to orchestrate the image lifecycle. The kpack CLI tool, kp can aid in managing kpack resources.

Whats new in TBS 1.3?

One of the key feature that i was waiting and now introduced is “Bring your own UBI base OS image”. What does it means for us?

Tanzu Build Service customers can now seamlessly integrate or migrate over to Tanzu Build Service without worrying about their existing investments in UBI base OS images. Also, Redhat UBI images are popular and you may want to use them as your base image for creating Application container images.

Reference Docs

TBS Documentation: https://docs.vmware.com/en/Tanzu-Build-Service/1.3/vmware-tanzu-build-service-v13/GUID-docs-build-service-index.html

TBS Download: https://network.pivotal.io/products/build-service/


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