Managing multiple TKG management clusters using tanzu cli on the same node

If you are deploying multiple management clusters using same bootstrap node, you might see only current management cluster and its respective workload clusters. But, how to see other management clusters and their workload clusters? I will explain step by step process to do the same.

Steps to change TKG management cluster context

  1. Login to bootstrap node or other node from where you are accessing the tanzu cli. You can use ssh or RDP based on the OS of node.

2. Run the following command to see the current management cluster

$ tanzu management-cluster get
  demo-cluster-mgmt  tkg-system  running  1/1           1/1      v1.20.5+vmware.1  management


NAME                                                                  READY  SEVERITY  REASON  SINCE  MESSAGE
/demo-cluster-mgmt                                                    True                     97m
├─ClusterInfrastructure - VSphereCluster/demo-cluster-mgmt            True                     97m
├─ControlPlane - KubeadmControlPlane/demo-cluster-mgmt-control-plane  True                     97m
│ └─Machine/demo-cluster-mgmt-control-plane-xljxx                     True                     97m
    └─Machine/demo-cluster-mgmt-md-0-5589d8b666-sz2t9                 True                     97m


  NAMESPACE                          NAME                    TYPE                    PROVIDERNAME  VERSION  WATCHNAMESPACE
  capi-kubeadm-bootstrap-system      bootstrap-kubeadm       BootstrapProvider       kubeadm       v0.3.14
  capi-kubeadm-control-plane-system  control-plane-kubeadm   ControlPlaneProvider    kubeadm       v0.3.14
  capi-system                        cluster-api             CoreProvider            cluster-api   v0.3.14

3. Above output is just showing one management cluster which is set currently. Now, lets look at other management cluster.

View the content of “~/.tanzu/config.yaml” file

$ cat ~/.tanzu/config.yaml
    - gcpPluginRepository:
        bucketName: tanzu-cli
        name: core
    - gcpPluginRepository:
        bucketName: tanzu-cli-tkg-plugins
        name: tkg
current: demo-cluster-mgmt
  creationTimestamp: null
- managementClusterOpts:
    context: demo3-cluster-mgmt-admin@demo3-cluster-mgmt
    path: /root/.kube-tkg/config
  name: demo3-cluster-mgmt
  type: managementcluster
- managementClusterOpts:
    context: demo2-management-admin@demo2-management
    path: /root/.kube-tkg/config
  name: demo2-management
  type: managementcluster
- managementClusterOpts:
    context: demo-cluster-mgmt-admin@demo-cluster-mgmt
    path: /root/.kube-tkg/config
  name: demo-cluster-mgmt
  type: managementcluster

Here you can see that there are 3 management cluster. You can see the current context set above.

4. To update the management cluster, edit the above config.yaml file with the management cluster name.

5. Now, Run the below command

$ tanzu management-cluster get

You will see the management cluster that you updated in config.yaml file above.


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