vSphere with Tanzu Key Benefits

vSphere with Tanzu is a productise version of project pacific that was announced in VMworld 2019. vSphere with Tanzu changes the vSphere architecture by enabling the Workload Management feature. Once you have enabled the Workload Management feature, then you can management different types of workload (vSphere pods, VM Service, Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters etc.) in supervisor namespaces.

In this post, I will try to to list down the key benefits by vSphere with Tanzu. Below is the picture from VMware official website that shows the different elements after enabling Workload Management feature.

Source -> https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/7.0/vmware-vsphere-with-tanzu/images/GUID-389BC19D-1AC5-4F1E-9055-2B8903AFC342-high.png

Key Benefits

Unified Deployment of workloads

vSphere with Tanzu enables the supervisor cluster inside vSphere environment and it changes the way we provision and manage the deployed workloads. Supervisor cluster enables the Namespace construct that helps to isolate the resources. There can be one or more supervisor namespace and each namespace can be vSphere Pods, Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters and Virtual Machine Services.

This is very helpful for the clients who are in application modernisation journey to leverage the benefits of Hybrid workloads. In case, Client still want to run some application workload on VM but at the same time, they want to take benefits of containerisation, Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster can be used.

Centralised Management of deployed workloads

vCenter GUI can be used by different personas to manage the VM and Kubernetes based workloads. With the the introduction of Workload Management option, you can view the different workload and also it’s easy to manage the permissions, assign the compute quota and storages.


Supervisor namespace really provide the strong isolation and using the Namespace, you can achieve multitenancy. e.g. There are multiple departments in an organisation and they need their own Kubernetes cluster, You can create the dedicated namespace for them and give and deploy Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster.

Want to learn more? Here is the vSphere with Tanzu Documentation



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