Why VMware TKG is better than Amazon EKS anywhere?

Written By: Dinesh Tripathi (@dinesh30)

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com

EKS Anywhere is now generally available. Also, couple of days back, VMware announced General availability of TKG v1.4 . I thought to compare both against few points and help you understand their capabilities.

Let’s get straight to the comparison

ComponentVMware TKGamazon EKS anywhere
Availability vSphere 6,7u3, vSphere 7,x, VMC on AWS, Azure VMware Solution, VCF, AWS, AzurevSphere 7.x
VersionTKG v1.4Very first version GAed
Installation MethodKubeadm using Cluster APIKubeadm using Cluster API
Offline DeploymentSupported Not Supported
TenancySingle Tenant, Multitenant (can have multiple vCenter hosting workload clusters)Single Tenant
OpenSource ProjectsNot YetEKS Distro
Logging FluentBit for log forwarding, integration with HTTP endpoints, Splunk, ELKBring your own solution
MonitoringPrometheus, Grafana, Tanzu ObservabilityBring your own solution
Backup and RestoreVelero (supported by VMware)Bring your own solution
Policy ManagementTanzu Mission ControlBring your own solution
Cluster conformance CheckSonobuoy (supported by VMware)Bring your own solution
Service MeshTanzu Service MeshBring your own solution
Local RegistryHarbor (supported by VMware)Bring your own solution
Load BalancerNSX Advanced Load Balancer, NSX-TBring your own solution
ServerlessCloud Native Runtime for VMware TanzuNot Supported
Role Based Access Control Management Using Tanzu Mission Control, manage RBAC in a single pane of glassKubernetes RBAC
Certificate Management for ApplicationsCert-Manager (supported by VMware)Bring your own
Application Modernization FocusTanzu Build Service, Tanzu Application Catalog, Tanzu Spring Runtime, Tanzu Application Platform (Beta), Application Transformer (Preview)
DashboardTanzu Mission ControlEKS Console using EKS connector
Capabilities listed in the table are based on as of today. They are subject to change.

Looking for more detail ?

VMware TKG Documentation


Amazon EKS Anywhere Documentation


This comparison is purely based on my learning about both the products and if you think i am wrong on any point, feel free to leave comment.


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