Overview of VMware Tanzu Editions

VMware Tanzu editions package capabilities of the Tanzu portfolio into clearly defined solutions targeted at the most common enterprise challenges. There are four Tanzu editions, each a superset of the one before it along a spectrum, giving customers a clear path to add capabilities over time as needed.

Tanzu Editions (source -> VMware Doc)

Tanzu Basic

As name suggest, Tanzu Basic is the most affordable and accessible Tanzu edition. Tanzu basic can be deployed on vSphere only. Here are some of the notable features in Tanzu Basic.

Tanzu Basic (Source — VMware doc)

Tanzu Standard

Tanzu standard support multicloud environment, meaning you can deploy in an on-prem vsphere environment or on Public Cloud. Currently Azure and AWS are supported. In case, client is looking for production grade deployment, You can think of Tanzu Standard.

Tanzu Standard (source — VMware Doc)

Tanzu Advance

Tanzu advance mainly focus on DevSecOps delivery of application workload. This comes with all set of features available in Tanzu Standard but also bring additional features to meet quick and secure application workload delivery.

Tanzu Advance (Source — VMware doc)

Tanzu Enterprise is not yet released and as soon it is out, i will write post about it’s features.


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